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April 17th: This week on "Sunday Morning" CBS

ART: The mystery of Frances Hines, and a dumpster full of art treasures.

In 2017 a barn cleanout in Connecticut revealed a treasure trove of artworks, by an obscure artist who'd died the year before. Now, experts say the dumpster art could be worth millions. Correspondent David Pogue delves into the intriguing tale of how a skateboarding mechanic became a detective in order to uncover the identity of Francis Hines. an expressionist who experimented with wrapping buildings, objects and paintings. Nick Weber helps Jared Whipple uncover Hines, the artist and person.

Frances Hines and Nick Weber making art together in 2009

DSC04853 copy.jpeg

Song of Trouble (feat. Sufjan Stevens) - official lyric video

Musician CJ Camerieri selects Nick Weber's "Empty Town" as still image for video "Song of Trouble", a collaboration between Camerieri and Sufjan Stevens. 

Image: Empty Town, oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches

Empty Town 14x18.jpg
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